What Really Happened At Roswell



“Thank you for taking a journey through the Journals with us! I first heard Vance when I started listening to the WROTE podcast. Loved the format, loved the interplay. But the idea of Vance as the narrator of the Brimstone Journals started to bubble in my brain when I got to be a guest on the show and had conversations with him. He did funny voices. His timing was impeccable. He sang. This—this is what Shax would sound like, brain said. The rest is history. 😉 ”
— Angel Martinez

“Shax’s voice was never in question for me. Neither was Verin’s nor Ivana’s for that matter. Corny took a bit of work, but Heckle was right there. (Bonus points if you can figure out which character from which 1985 movie was Heckle’s inspiration!)  When it’s all said and done, though, I owe Angel a huge Thank You for pushing me to begin my narration career.”

— Vance Bastian

To Claim Your Winnings…

Quick: send an email to angelmartinezauthor@gmail.com with the subject line: Hunting TBJ
In the body of the email just put the Name and/or Facebook link you want us to shower with accolades for making it to the end!

Based on email timestamp, the first five (5) people to reach us will receive download codes for Potato Surprise – A Brimstone Prequel from Audible once they release it for sale.

Congratulations again!!!

The Fine Print:

  • The 5 winners will be awarded based on timestamp of their final step.
  • Each of the five (5) winners will win one (1) free download of Potato Surprise – A Brimstone Prequel from Audible once they release it for sale.
  • We promise you’re not being signed up for any mailing lists or anything like that. We *hate* it when it happens to us against our wills. This really is just Angel and Vance teaming up to provide a fun way to win a free copy of their latest audio project.