The Moon


Yes, the moon! What traveler hasn’t looked to the skies and wondered, if just for a moment, whether the moon could be visited? Inspiring no end of “what ifs” and leading us mere mortals to push the boundaries of scientific discovery. And if that’s not enough of a reward for you… Freddie Feeley, the author of When Heaven Strikes, was mooned by his husband during the recording of his first interview on the WROTE Podcast!

To Claim Your Winnings…

Quick: send an email to with the subject line: GSSPM
In the body of the email just put the Name and/or Facebook link you want me to shower with accolades for making it to the end!

Based on email timestamp, the first five (5) people to reach me will receive download codes for When Heaven Strikes on Audible.

Congratulations again!!!

The Fine Print:

  • The 5 winners will be awarded based on timestamp of their final step.
  • Each of the five (5) winners will win one (1) free download of When Heaven Strikes from Audible.
  • I promise you’re not being signed up for any mailing lists or anything like that. I *hate* it when it happens to me against my will. This really is just Vance tapping his old Dungeon Mastering roots and providing a fun way to win a free copy of his latest narration project.