The Colors of Love (3-Book Bundle) — Audiobook

The Colors of Love (3-Book Bundle)   —   Audiobook

by F.E. Feeley Jr
David is a fortyish corporate lawyer. Handsome. Successful. With the seemingly perfect life in a northern Detroit Suburb. Despite all this, David is miserable when he finds out that his wife has been sexting his best friend. David – who is struggling with his sexual identity – files for divorce and plans on crashing on the couch in his office in a high rise building downtown.

Aaron is a twenty-something post-Harvard graduate burnt out on life and struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Fleeing Boston, and an abusive relationship, Aaron returns home to regroup and figure out what his next move is. Taking a job at cleaning offices, throwing himself into the shadows of blue-collar work, feels comfortable for him at this moment in life.

Life has many colors. However, for these two lost, lonely men, life is an awful shade of gray.

The trilogy of stories follows David and Aaron as they cross each other’s paths and, reintroduce each other to the joys of sex, conversation, and human intimacy.

This set features all three novellas in one book. Into the Gray, A Lighter Shade of Blue, and The Violet Skies of Morning.

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This was my first F.E. Feeley book, and the first time I heard Vance Bastian narrate, but I can honestly say that it was a real pleasure being introduced to such talent!

  — Vania