Review: Would I Lie to You?

Title: Would I Lie to You?
Author: Brad Vance

Here’s why you’re going to buy and read a copy of Would I Lie to You? right now. The plot will tickle your paranoia-bone. The message will make you slow the hell down and really savor all of the tastes of your life. The sex will get you hot. Most of all, you will believe the character’s weaknesses and motives. For those of you with little time, that’s the short version. If you’re resisting and need one final quick reason, then do it because I told you to.

If you are willing to comply with the story’s message to slow down and savor life, read on…

Marc is a billionaire. He’s flawed, and he’s been hurt badly. But along the way he learned to master all of that and parlayed it into his fortune. He wields his intellect and his fortune as weapons to counter the greed of a pair of wealthy-elite brothers who grind people up and destroy them for profit. Marc’s life is under control right up until the code for his company’s most recent product is stolen from his own servers.

Enter Jesse, a recently paroled convict who’d been involved in a high-profile incident the NSA had hushed up. He and his team are the technological powerhouses Marc needs to recover his code. But Jesse’s past is sketchy. Sure, he’s the proverbial crook Marc needs to catch a crook, but neither man was entirely prepared for the intellectual connection or primal lust that springs up between them.

The author dips into each man’s past to highlight why it’ll take both men operating at the top of their game to bring the evil brothers down.

If I had to point out one thing that left me wanting, I’d have to say it’s the tidiness of the plot. The loose ends are cleanly tied up (or at least cleanly acknowledged). Given how messy the characters’ lives have been, and knowing how messy real life is, I almost wanted a bit of untidiness around the edges of the ending. Too much wouldn’t have worked, but a little.

That said, there are many more things I liked about Would I Lie to You. I developed a bit of a man-crush on the characters and their complications. I really got into the sex and the denial of sex. Unexpectedly, I enjoyed the plot the most. The entire premise worked for the greed and betrayal I see in our own world. I couldn’t wait to finish work and get back to it each day.

Now, do as I’ve said… savor it.

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