Review: The Haunting of Timber Manor

Title: The Haunting of Timber Manor
Author: F.E. Feeley Jr.

The Haunting of Timber Manor delivers a solid study in contrasts. It’s dangerous, yet tender. The author goes to some very dark places, yet dangles a sliver of hope before us. Daniel, the main character, uncovers a family history that includes jealousy, murder, and terminal illness caused by supernatural agency. Yet the author also allows Daniel to touch the supernatural world, where he finds strength and resolve. In the real world, he finds the love and support he needs to face the darkness. And all of these elements come to a head in the final showdown.

There’s another reason you should read The Haunting of Timber Manor. The author introduces Francine – a character who crops up in his other works. She has a bit of training dealing with the supernatural world, and her calling is to face it because nobody else will. This novel introduces the start of her personal journey through multiple novels.

I was initially a bit resistant to reading an author’s “first novel.” I shouldn’t have been. Though I know his later works get darker, and his writing evolves, the author proved me wrong by crafting a first novel that stands on its own. He took the story to the dark places, but showed us the light on the far side of the struggle. I’m glad it’s in my library!

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