Review: Submerging Inferno (Men of Myth 1)

Submerging-InfernoTitle: Submerging Inferno (Men of Myth Book 1)
Author: Brandon Witt

On the surface you may think the first Men of Myth book, Submerging Inferno, is another “I don’t know my origin” story. You can certainly read it for that if you want. But I encourage you to read it as the story of the guy who falls in love with the mysterious hunk. Finn whose daily life as a mundane bakery warlock is turned upside down when his family sets him up to meet big, athletic, kind-hearted Brett.

Brett who wards off a vampire attack by calling forth fire from within. Brett whose very existence seems to polarize factions within the supernatural community that previously appeared content to ignore Finn’s witch family. Brett who steals Finn’s heart completely.

Brett is kind, unintentionally dangerous, and hurting. Finn falls for Brett physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And the world notices.

But Finn is the one protecting Brett. And Finn is the one chasing down monsters in the night in order to uncover Brett’s past. And Finn is the emotional core that Brett leans on time and again. Yeah, you should read it through Finn’s eyes.

What really grabbed me about Submerging Inferno is that I know in my heart the author has notebook upon notebook of detail regarding the supernatural beings of his world, their abilities, AND their pecking order. There’s a hierarchy, and you feel reaching out to suck Brett and Finn into its machinations.

I encourage you to get sucked in too… just do it for Finn.

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