Review: Quinn’s Gambit

QuinnsGambitTitle: Quinn’s Gambit (Aura 1)
Author: Bellora Quinn & Angel Martinez

I love magic in the modern world. Once I realized the authors had used magic to conjure rifts between two worlds, and then dropped fantasy beings INTO our world, I did a very, very happy dance. Have you ever wondered at the very wrong thing to say to a sphinx? Or who a yeti might take to bed? The authors have delivered up quite an enchanting cast of characters.

The inciting event that very nearly tears the city apart brings the primary characters together in a dance that is in part a very sweet “getting to know you.” It also sparks off a very heart-rending clash of cultures. Quinn’s a street-savvy con artist. Valerian is an elven battle prince. As if that alone isn’t enough, elves from Val’s home realm seem a bit tribal and have an intricate pheromone element to their communication. As different as they are, they are each haunted by their attraction to the other. Now mix in Val’s profession as a supernatural officer in this world, and Quinn’s innate distrust of all things law enforcement, and the complications continue to pile up.

If I could ask for two things, they would be: One – more time with the supporting characters. They each had such rich potential for their own quirks, needs, wants and stories. Two – I would have loved MORE on the mindset of the villain. I know that was not the focus of this story, but as soon as the enemy’s identity was clear I wanted to know more about the choices that lead to the acts of evil.

Overall, I loved this story a great deal. I loved the “what if” behind fantasy creatures in our world. I loved the contrast between the main character’s tender romance moments and primal need encounters. And, as previously stated, I loved the cast. I cannot wait to read the second in the series.

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