Review: Monolith

The-MonolithTitle: Monolith
Author: Albert Nothlit

I love that the author is delivering more LGBTQ heroes to Science Fiction!  In this tale, Mark is a surgeon fighting the effects of carpal tunnel. He’s no longer operating. In fact, he’s sliding deeper into depression as he withdraws from the world. His loveable, meddling mother cuts him off at that lonely pass and drags him to a healing spa. Dr. Corey proceeds to show Mark that in time he will be able to manage, if not conquer completely, the frustrations and limitations of his carpal tunnel. An attraction and friendship builds between the men, confusing them and their doctor-patient relationship a bit. It’s not until a strange monolith in the forest above the spa suddenly activates that the men realize what they mean to one another.

I’m not being cagey about their relationship. Mark’s match-making mother tries her hardest to get the men together, but the author is clearly focusing on the Science and the Fiction over the romance in this title. He shows us Mark’s pain as he fights with hands that he feels have betrayed him and cost him his career. He also highlighted the importance of real friends in the healing process.

If I could have asked for something more, it would have been that the author go further into the story. The reveal about the monolith felt, to me, like a starting point for a longer novel or even trilogy. It’s a testament to his storytelling that I want more, and I encourage you to fall into the story!

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