Review: Lexington Black

Title: Lexington Black
Author: Savannah Smythe

Lexington Black by Savannah Smythe delivers craftily-hidden insight into the way power plays out in men’s lives.

Having just been made redundant (laid off), Robin is powerless in his marriage. He’s powerless to stop the divorce. And when you meet his family, it’s obvious neither his mother nor his Bridezilla sister will allow the loser of the family to have any power. The world’s been pulled out from under him and he’s floundering.

Then Lexington Black hits on him. Lexington who has the power to buy companies and to be openly gay. Lexington who has the power to shake Robin to his core and make him question his own attractions. Lexington who shows Robin how to be powerful by becoming a newer, truer Robin.

While the fire between the two men burns hotter, we learn about a secret Lexington has the power to keep – almost. When the secret surfaces, the power shifts.

If I am forced to point out a negative, I would say that I wanted the shift to Lexington’s point of view earlier. By the time it happened, I was so firmly entrenched in Robin’s story that I had to catch up to the way Lexington saw things.

I really loved the sensuality of this book. There is no doubt the author understands how to turn up the heat, but what surprised me was her understanding of the power and compromises two men must make to grow and keep a relationship.

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