Review: Drama Queen

Title:  Drama Queen
Author:  Joe Cosentino

(I won a copy in an online competition… and I’m so glad I did!)

While far too sexy to be called a “cozy mystery,” Drama Queen adds an in-the-buff zing to the normally staid, small community murder story.

I love that the author is also an experienced actor and drama instructor. His grasp of improv’s “Yes AND?” concept shines in this story. Every time the characters recognize a clue, you can feel the unspoken “Yes AND?” right before the plot takes a new twist.

Nicky and Noah are two sexy leading characters who conduct the investigation this comedic caper with wit and style. The supporting cast can only have been built on the follies and foibles of real drama students and instructors.

The narrator delivered on the fast paced humor, the character nuances, and sheer entertainment. It’s a rare jewel when you can hear the narrator actually smile while delivering the lines, and I heard it several times.

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