Review: Dark Love

Title: Dark Love
Author: Stephen Del Mar

Holy cow – I loved the spirit of this novel! Any time an author says, “Sparkly vampires? Screw that, wait until you see what I my vampire can do!” He also dove into the origins of fairies, and the real substance behind pixie dust! (Warning – it’s an explanation for adults only!)

I can’t just “set aside” the author’s humor to tell you about the rest of the novel. His humor runs throughout. It’s in the dialogue, it’s in the actions of the characters, and it’s even in the township government. What set this novel apart was the sense of place. The main character’s inherited, rustic farm feels so different from Bennet Bay where he lives and owns a restaurant. Yet both are quintessential Florida. The majority of the characters were part of Dieter’s life before the novel started, and that shines through.

The only disconnect for me was the very real, very touching way Dieter’s uncle’s life was told. Wolfgang, persecuted under Nazi rule, made the best of his life. His part of the novel is so touching, and so steeped in the dark, supernatural element of history that it felt like a separate story. Hopefully the author will lift Wolfgang out of the pages of Bennet Bay and tell his story in full detail.

All said, it’s an engaging, entertaining, exciting weave of lighthearted fun and dark seriousness. Bravo!

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