Reels and Rates

Demo Reels & Rates:

Styles I can provide and the associated rates for them:

  • Horror/Erotica sample [ Audiobook / Emotional read / No theatrical voices / No music or sound effects / Length 6:38 ] Rate: $100 per finished hour
  • Historic Character sample [ Radio show / Sound effects / Music added / Length 1:52 ] Rate: $150 per finished hour + any cost to purchase rights for add-ins
  • Character mash-up sample [ Audiobook / Multiple character voices / Length 4:07 ] Rate: $200 per finished hour

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I’m one of the following hosts of the WROTE Podcast (WRitten On The Edge). This episode is me (as Vinnie), interviewing myself. It includes two of my guest voices: Aunt Margaret and Dragon. I also voice the commercial for our swag. (Some of the midroll and endroll is my co-host.)