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  • Vance Bastian is one of the founding hosts of the WROTE Podcast. He’s an author, an audiobook narrator, and a production editor who manages book projects. He has a degree in linguistics, and a sordid past as a model, an actor, and a director. Vance writes mostly fantasy, urban fantasy, historic fantasy, horror, and paranormal fiction. When nobody’s looking, he’s a complete sci-fi geek.


  • Vance Bastian has a degree in linguistics, a sordid past as an actor and director, and a confusing job as a production editor bringing other people’s books into the world. He asks that you don’t hold any of that against him.Quite recently he’s come to love his gig as a podcast host, audiobook narrator, book reviewer, and author. These jobs you can hold against him all you want.Vance’s life goal has always been to master the art of telling the tale. He brings a powerful, visual, action-oriented storytelling background to his novels.

    Vance lives with his fiancée and their feisty dog. He’s pretty sure both of them think he’s insane for pursuing a creative life.

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