My 7-Day Ease Into Twitter

It started with a request phrased as a dare. “I dare you to embrace Twitter for seven days,” my friend challenged. My initial reaction rhymed with ‘truck stew.’ Then I thought about what he was asking. He was asking me to get involved in the conversation. I hemmed and hawed, but eventually circled back. We talked about it. We came up with a few ground rules by which we could both be happy. Then we came up with a loose schedule of things to try. Themes. Ideas. Something to give me some structure while I traverse the vast Twitterverse without a navigator. Then we wrote them down. You know, in order to stave off future obfuscation. Here’s how I’m going to approach it…

Ground Rules:

  • Post during business (banking) hours. Reason? My time with my husband is limited, and when he gets home at night, we try to be present for each other.
  • Turn on notifications. I agreed to badges, but not sounds. I’m a narrator and cannot have my phone chiming, chirping, and burping while I’m trying to record for my authors.

Seven Themes for Seven Days

  1. Tuesday: Once-An-Hour. That’s it. Just say something once an hour. Whatever flits into my chaotic brainramble.
  2. Wednesday: Talk to People. It’s really hard for me to reach out to someone unasked-for and strike up a conversation. Game on.
  3. Thursday: Embrace the Throwback. Gonna dig out and post old pictures of myself. Lawdy save me.
  4. Friday: Promote Others. This should be easy, I do this on the WROTE Podcast all the time. I love this aspect of our community.
  5. Saturday: Answer Everything. Answer every question I’m asked. If it verges into uncomfortable territory, just say so and let it be.
  6. Sunday: Day of Rest. Be Leisurely. Share relaxation ideas and plans for the upcoming week.
  7. Monday: All in Moderation. Just post some updates, talk to some people, share a photo, answer a question, make a plan… but all within manageable expectations.

I can commit to this. I’d like to see that final Monday experience be my future experience moving forward. Here goes!

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