Data Collection Equals More Readers

Originally sent to the Listener Insider Mailing List on August 18, 2016.
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I’ve interviewed over 70 authors for the WROTE podcast.  I’ve self-published. AND… I’m a production editor for a small, non-fiction press… plus I’m connected to a larger publisher.  This places me in a unique position to answer any questions you may have about the business of being an author. I reached out to a group of professional writers, asking what areas confused them at the start of their careers, and received some GREAT starting questions.  Here’s the next:

Answers for Authors

Ok… So today’s message is another conglomerate of a few “how can I reach more readers?” questions.

Rather than re-hash a well-written article, I invite you to read what publishers were just told about the way Facebook is winning the data collection war.

What I found striking was that publishers are, in general, relying on passive research How many people clicked on our site? How many followed a link from an email? Yet Facebook, who in theory has the widest access to passive data, still went out and actively asked questions! Combining the (active) responses with the passive data leads to astounding results. For example, people valuing serious or sad content even though they weren’t likely to re-share it! Talk about the power of knowing when to provide value (serious or sad) vs. knowing when to seek audience (happy or fun for re-sharing)!

So I ask you directly, what can we as creators do to raise awareness AND provide value?

Happy Marketing!

If YOU have a question you want answered from inside the biz, send it my way and I’ll pose it to the professionals!