Closer — Audiobook

Closer — Audiobook Release

By: F.E. Feeley Jr.
Narrated by: Vance Bastian

Closer audiobook cover

Publisher’s Summary
Maplewood, Vermont, is a picturesque town filled with unique shops, unique homes, and a quaint familiarity all centered around a lake with an unusual history.
     Legends, old as well as urban, float around like the mist that hovers above the lake at break of dawn.
     But they’re just stories, right?
     Hayden Moore’s life was destroyed when his husband, Malcolm, was murdered. Giving up his job as an assistant district attorney in Boston, Hayden moved to the little burg of Maplewood to recover.
     A new life.
     A fresh start.
     However, something underneath the water is stirring. Something rotten. A deadly secret wakes underneath the black waters of Lake Veronica so disturbing it haunts the nightmares of the local residents.
     It’s coming closer….
©2018 Frederick E Feeley Jr

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The narrator takes the creep/scare factor to another level.”  –B. McGrath

i loved everything about this listen from the story line and characters to the amazing narrator who brought it all to life.” –Shannon

The narrator, Vance Bastian, does a wonderful job of bring the story to life for the listener. His smooth voice is easy to listen to but the way he uses it, helps the creepy words captivate you and take you away into the world of Closer.” –Kindle Customer