Beside a Black Tarn — Audiobook

Beside a Black Tarn (Brimstone, Book 4) — Audiobook

Beside a Black Tarn

By Angel Martinez

When Shax stumbles across rumors of an experimental house that responds to the occupant’s brain functions, creating scenarios to please and delight, naturally, he wants to steal it. But with the return of a troubled and hunted Julian Parallax and an overabundance of Poe references, even Shax’s scheming may not be enough to get the Brimstone crew out alive this time.

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“Oh, lets not forget Vance Bastian. He is not just a narrator he is a voice actor. All through the book(s) I had to remind myself that there weren’t multiple people but just one who embodied these characters. There are but a few narrators that I get excited when I see their name attached to a book and Vance is one. He has such range and different inflections for each character that it’s such an experience to listen to…”

— N Florida, Audible 2018