The Treasure Hunt Begins…

This hunt will take you to places,
through spaces with clever traces.
At each stop a question faces
the seeker who travel embraces…

How it works:

  1. Each “stop” on this hunt will have a treasure-hunt riddle clue to a location that’s fairly well-known. No rinky-dink villages or mythic locations.
  2. Figure out the answer. You can use any source you want – the internet, your friends, the library, etc.
  3. Once you have an answer, go to the browser bar and replace the “xxxx” with your answer in this web address:   and you’ll be taken to the next clue.
  4. The first 5 people to reach the final page who follow the instructions for claiming their free download of When Heaven Strikes from Audible will be the winners… though EVERYONE who makes it will get bragging rights!

Are you ready for your first clue?

This suburb is famous for its sights,
and lately its laser shows some nights.
Once home to kings and queens with barques,
it now features autobus parks!

Replace the “xxxx” in   with your answer to proceed!

The Fine Print:

  • The 5 winners will be awarded based on timestamp of their final step.
  • Each of the five (5) winners will win one (1) free download of When Heaven Strikes from Audible.
  • I promise you’re not being signed up for any mailing lists or anything like that. I *hate* it when it happens to me against my will. This really is just Vance tapping his old Dungeon Mastering roots and providing a fun way to win a free copy of his latest narration project.