2015 October Platform Challenge: Day 19 – Research Live Events

This came into my inbox: 2015 October Platform Challenge (link). I almost deleted it. Almost. Then the voice on my left shoulder (we’ll call him Muninn) cawed, “You have been wanting to work on this skill as long as I can remember.” Not to be outdone, the voice on my right shoulder, (let’s just say he’s named Huginn) cackled, “I really think you should do this.”

So sleeves up, I am committed to this month of daily challenges! Here goes…

2015 October Platform Challenge: Day 19 – Research Live Events



The instructions for today are: “Research Live Events. Here are a few benefits of live events:”

  • Live events energize writers.
  • Live events connect writers.
  • Live events educate writers.

It’s true. Having attended an event that was primarily for connecting and educating writers I’ve seen the benefits first hand.

“There is one mighty event,” Muninn puffs up his own importance, “you ought to consider attending.”

I cut in with, “You’d better be referring to a Comic-Con and not Ragnarök.”

“Oooh!” Huginn says in that you’re-gonna-get-it-singsong, “you shouldn’t mock such an auspicious event!”

“Again,” I reiterate, “you’re going to have to clarify.”

The messengers stare at me. Their shock and outrage is palpable.

“Before you go all three-years-of-terrible-winter on me, just listen,” I try to gloss over my bumble, “I’m a podcast host, an audiobook narrator, an author, a scifi/fantasy/superhero nut, and a recovering actor and model. Being invited to livecast from Comic-Con is a dream come true!”

They’re not buying it.

“I’ve talked to author friends who’ve attended RainbowCon and now THAT one’s on my list as well!”

I hate it when the birds get this quiet. I can’t help but wonder if they’re trying to decide to garnish my eyeballs with  brown sauce or Grey Poupon.

“Since you’re giving me the Doomstare, I will say that the idea of doing a pitch fest seems utterly ridiculous. I’d never entertain the idea or sign up for one… but networking and education are both relevant and worth the time.”

“To that end, I’d probably also consider a conference for self-published and indie authors. Look, here’s a list of conferences for writers you can take back to Odin.”

I’m not arrogant enough to believe that mollified them, but they DID take the list and fly away.