2015 October Platform Challenge: Day 16 – Join Google+

This came into my inbox: 2015 October Platform Challenge (link). I almost deleted it. Almost. Then the voice on my left shoulder (we’ll call him Muninn) cawed, “You have been wanting to work on this skill as long as I can remember.” Not to be outdone, the voice on my right shoulder, (let’s just say he’s named Huginn) cackled, “I really think you should do this.”

So sleeves up, I am committed to this month of daily challenges! Here goes…

2015 October Platform Challenge: Day 16 – Join Google+



The instructions for today are: “Join Google+”

“Ach!” I say mostly to my computer screen.

“Now what’s your problem?” Huginn asks.

“I’ve been using it for a while, but I need at least four more followers on Google+ to advance to the next level,” I answer.

Huginn and Muninn both wait a moment, then Huginn asks impatiently, “Plus what?”

That catches me off guard, “No… just the one site. The plus sign just helps Google differentiate their social platform from their search engine.”

Muninn mumbles something about humans using perfectly concise mathematic symbols in obfuscating ways.

Well, obfuscating or not… feel free to start up a conversation with me on Google+!  https://plus.google.com/u/0/105110545456560019873/posts