2015 October Platform Challenge: Day 12 – Read a Post and Comment on It

This came into my inbox: 2015 October Platform Challenge (link). I almost deleted it. Almost. Then the voice on my left shoulder (we’ll call him Muninn) cawed, “You have been wanting to work on this skill as long as I can remember.” Not to be outdone, the voice on my right shoulder, (let’s just say he’s named Huginn) cackled, “I really think you should do this.”

So sleeves up, I am committed to this month of daily challenges! Here goes…

2015 October Platform Challenge: Day 12 – Read a Post and Comment on It



The instructions for today are: “Read a Post and Comment on It (and in the process link back to your blog). This is in addition to commenting on this blog; let’s spread our nets a little. People who want extra credit can comment on multiple blogs. One of the more effective ways for writers to grow their platforms is to reach outside of their current circle of readers. By leaving thoughtful comments on other blogs, writers can share interesting perspectives with potential new blog readers. Beyond that, it’s a great way to make stronger connections with other like-minded bloggers.”

Huginn pops me on the back of the head with a swift flex of his wing. “Easy! You have had some amazing people mention you lately. Go thank them!”

I rub my stinging noggin’ and ask, “doesn’t that seem a bit easy and self-aggrandizing?”

“True gratitude,” Muninn says knowingly, “is easy if you mean it.”

He’s right. And I am grateful. So I will start the day by thanking the following bloggers on their blogs: