2015 October Platform Challenge: Day 11 – Link to Post on Twitter and Facebook

This came into my inbox: 2015 October Platform Challenge (link). I almost deleted it. Almost. Then the voice on my left shoulder (we’ll call him Muninn) cawed, “You have been wanting to work on this skill as long as I can remember.” Not to be outdone, the voice on my right shoulder, (let’s just say he’s named Huginn) cackled, “I really think you should do this.”

So sleeves up, I am committed to this month of daily challenges! Here goes…

2015 October Platform Challenge: Day 11 – Create an Editorial Calendar



The instructions for today are: “Link to [yesterday’s] Post on Twitter and Facebook.”

“You cheated!” Huginn accuses me.

“I did not!” I reply in my slightly-above-twelve-years-old-voice.

“It would seem,” Muninn carefully reasons out, “that you did take advantage of the tools available to you. In many ways, that is wise of you.”

I point to Muninn and say to Huginn, “What he says!”

Huginn just rolls his eyes at me. “It’s a total cop-out. Your posts to Twitter and Facebook are clearly labeled as having come from WordPress’s automated cross-posting system. You should take the time to carefully craft out a message today so your post is more personal than a feed through.”

I look to Muninn, begging him to point out the obvious.

There’s a note of conspirator’s glee in Muninn’s voice when he says to me, “It will dawn on him through the wonders of hindsight.”

I chuckle, which ruffles Huginn’s pridefeathers a bit.