2015 October Platform Challenge: Day 1 – Define Yourself as a Writer

This came into my inbox:  2015 October Platform Challenge (link).  I almost deleted it.  Almost.  Then the voice on my left shoulder (we’ll call him Muninn) cawed, “You have been wanting to work on this skill as long as I can remember.”  Not to be outdone, the voice on my right shoulder, (let’s just say he’s named Huginn) cackled, “I really think you should do this.”

So sleeves up, I am committed to this month of daily challenges!  Here goes…

2015 October Platform Challenge: Day 1 – Define Yourself as a Writer



Name (as used in byline): Vance Bastian

Position(s): Author, Narrator/Voice-over Artist, Podcast Host, Production Editor (managing the physical creation of books)

Skill(s): Storytelling, acting, voice-acting, on-air host, editing (fiction), editing (audio), book production management, podcast production, web design, mentoring, idea generation.

Social media platforms (active): Facebook

Social media platforms (lurker): Goodreads, Google+; Instagram; LinkedIn; Tumblr; Twitter

URL(s): www.vancebastian.com, www.facebook.com/vancebastian, www.wrotepodcast.com

Accomplishments: Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics, first novel published, second and third in edit

Interests: Writing (urban fantasy, fantasy, and horror); family (being good husband); fitness (training for superhero dream job); recipe creation; reading.

In one sentence, who am I? Vance Bastian is an author, narrator, and podcast host who loves being part of humanity’s rich storytelling heritage.