Vance Bastian

Vance Bastian

The Voice Behind the Fiction


A trained linguist, actor, author, editor, voiceover artist, podcaster, and audio producer, it's easy to see that Vance has honed his skills with years of practice so he can bring your stories to life.
Voiceover Artist
Vance produces distinct characters, accents, and emotions delivering a professional level of fun and gravitas in equal measure.
Audio Production
Private studio, excellent microphone and pre-amp, and up-to-date software ensure quick turnaround for your project.
Vance focused on the microphone arts in early 2015, and can provide hours of audiobook, podcast, and commercial samples.


Anyone who loves Vance Bastian’s voice may find it hard to concentrate on what he’s saying, as opposed to how he is saying it. The audio quality is excellent and his narration first class, but because his voice is like a duvet made of honey and gossamer, seducing your ears… wallow in the audial delights of the US’s male answer to the Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny. When a dream-weaver meets a cunning linguist, the result will always be a smorgasbord for the ears.
Jayne Lockwood


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